ODI Handlebars may not be one of the more well known brands of bars on the market (ODI grips are a different story), but by no means does that take away from how good these dirt bike bars really are. Aussie motocross legend Chad Reed has been with the ODI brand for a number of years, and he's thrilled with how well the ODI bars perform on the biggest stages in the world. The ODI Podium Flight Handlebars are the Tapered Fat Bars version and without a doubt the more popular style in the ODI range, offering some high strength and versatile handlebars in some seriously rad colourways. Honestly, if your dirt bike needs some fresh handlebars, the ODI Bars are always going to be a solid, affordable option.

The top level range of ODI Handlebars is the CFT (Control Flex Tech) Podium Handlebars, and these things take handlebar technology to a whole new level. A little more pricey than the Podium Flight range, the CFT Bars feature a patented crossbar that telescopes, allowing the handlebar to flex at a controlled rate while you're riding. This in turn allows your handlebars to flex under heavy impacts, whilst still maintaining a controlled feeling in the bars, so when things get a little hairy you can maintain control of the bike as needed. 

ODI also offers your standard 7/8" Handlebars in a few different colours and a wide variety of bends at an extremely affordable price, and they're a fairly popular option with a lot of riders out there. Combined with a set of ODI Grips, your ODI Handlebars are going to be a formidable addition to your prized machine, and we guarantee these bad boys will not you let you down out of the track or trails. Check out the range today and enjoy free shipping on all orders over $20 to anywhere in Australia!