New Fork Bushing Kits for your dirt bike aren't the easiest thing to get excited about, but their importance should never be underestimated! Fork seals/fork bushing kits are super important to get long term performance and reliability out of your OEM or aftermarket suspension. Creating a dust seal to protect the inner workings of your front suspension is imperative to the performance of your dirt bike - particularly with the dirt and grime that comes with Motorcross and general off-road riding. Our fitment finder will help you find the right fork seals, fork bushing kit and/or dust seals whether you have a KTM, Suzuki or virtually any other popular brand of a dirt bike.

All of our brands produce high-quality aftermarket parts and we'll also have the fork oil to go with it, so you can give your front fork the love it deserves when replacing the bushings, seals and/or dust seals. For a full refresh on your forks, all you need are a fork oil seal kit, fork dust seal kit, fork bushing kit fork oil, fork bushing kit driver, a few wrenches and DIY videos.

If you are after maintenance parts like oil filtersair filters, wheel bearings, shock bearings, sprockets, and bushings or you are after other parts like handguards, clutch levers, brake master cylinder and brake lines. Then head to the My Garage section on our website where you can enter your bike and find all the parts and bike accessories specific to your motorcycle.