One of the key segments on your motocross or enduro machine is the front and rear suspension setup. Whether you own a KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Husqvarna or Yamaha they will all handle like a different machine with a set of suspension that is set up for your riding style, ability, and body weight.

Dirt Bike forks held by your triple clamps are the only form of front suspension connected to the front wheel. Setting your shock spring and front forks up and ensuring your compression and preload settings are suited to your weight can enhance your riding ability drastically. Dirt bike suspension has heaps of adjustment and can also be taken out and sent to industry professionals for a custom setup with heavy-duty springs and new shock absorbers inside the front fork tube.

We have a diverse range of fork seals and dust seals with heaps of fork oils to suit motocross bikes industry-wide and keep your setups clean.  All BallsRacing and SKF are the main suppliers for fork seals and offer a great OEM replacement and upgrade. Motorex, Motul, Maxima, Belray, Castrol are some of the main distributors and popular choices of fork oil. All of the brands we offer are of high quality and meet industry standards to ensure your machines are running at optimum performance each time you hit the tracks!