2022 Transmoto | 10hr at Tumut, NSW

Proud to Support  |  2 March 2022

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Transmoto 2022 Tumut:

The MXstore crew headed south to Tumut New South Wales, just over 1300k's from our headquarters in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Tumut is an all-new venue for the Transmoto series and hosts the longest race out of the entire 2022 series being 10 hours long. The entire team was excited to see what they were up against, taking place just out of town on a privately owned 1200-acre property this venue provided huge epic bushlands and grass tracks, indescribable views with substantial elevation changes, it was deemed to be a riding paradise. The crew arrived late Friday afternoon along with other industry partners and set up camp under the misty night sky with a slight drizzle providing ultimate camping conditions for night 1. Check out our 2022 Tranmoto Essentials here.

Saturday 26th Feb:

Riders began to fill the pit area and set up camp as check-in and sign-on was complete. Once all of the business side was done, it was time for the weekend full of fun to begin! There were some incredible activations by the participating Transmoto sponsors, from Fox, Pod, Volcom etc. The fun didn't stop there, followed with the Dunlop tyre toss comp to the MXstore charity boot race where riders would run with their boots on paying a donation (donated to NSW Rural Fire Service) each to fight for the top 40 starting positions giving them the best chance to end their race day on the top step! Featuring some epic tumbles and lots of cheers and of course, there were many cold drinks consumed by the fireside watching all the action go down in the mountains. On top of all of this, there was also the Transmoto raffle which had some pretty impressive prizes for some lucky folks to go home with at the end of the day. Noise curfew kicked in at 10 pm however a few legends stayed up and enjoyed the cool wet night.

Sunday 27th Feb - RACEDAY:

It was an early start to Sunday as riders were getting themselves and their bikes ready for the big day ahead! The smell of burning oil filled the air quicker than you could finish your first coffee with perfectly clear skies and rain the night before the riders were in for a treat! At 7 o'clock it was time for the racing to begin, all the riders began their adventure of completing the first lap on a venue none of them had been to before. The track conditions at Tumut over the weekend started off incredible with around 60% of the track consisting of loamy grass track with incredible sweeping turns and a few jumps across driveways, then ventured into the more technical single trail sections which formed up a couple of really nice single track ruts and turns. These sections started off beautiful and loamy but then got pretty dusty and dry by the end of the day. The riders were challenged with a couple of extremely steep rocky up and downhill ragged sections to challenge all rider skillsets, along with one log out there for the brave-hearted with the option to take the safe line around if needed. Overall it was an amazing track with some of the most beautiful views with rolling hills in the cloudy Tumut valleys. Many riders commented just how good the venue was and hoped they were able to return in years to come.

Overall Results:

TEAM – OUTRIGHT 1st – Central Coast Ham Bacon 2: Luke Bray, Benjamin Stock, Korey McMahon 2nd – Sutto’s Powersports: Ben Kearns, Corey Hammond, Christian Horwood 3rd – Husky Simford Race Team: Simon Cox, Andrew Wilksch, Danielle Foot
TEAM – WEEKEND WARRIORS 1st – Two Midgets & A Fat Guy: Daniel Bartlett, Corey Bartlett, Jacob Harding 2nd – Stani Boys: Matt Staniforth, James Staniforth, Dan Middleton 3rd – Rob n Sons: Rob Dummer, Marcus Dummer, Jackson Horden, Billy Horden
TEAM – YOUNG GUNS 1st – Central Coast Ham & Bacon 2: Luke Bray, Benjamin Stock, Korey McMahon 2nd – Truckn Nuts: Luke Chellas, Ryan Johnson, Liam Jackson, Justin Harrow 3rd – Central Coast Ham & Bacon 1: Billy Bray, Josh Whitehead, Cody McMahon
TEAM – WISE WIZARDS 1st – Holeshot 3 Men & a Goat: Brett Kenny, Jeff Curley, Michael ‘Goatman’ Turner, Greg Larkin 2nd – 4 Wisemen: Michael Williams, Mark Kirkman, Ray Taylor, Ben Bowman 3rd – Ragers Crew: Glenn Taylor, Dave Lambert, Steve Semken, James Taylor
TEAM – MIXED 1st – Husky Simford Team: Simon Cox, Andrew Wilksch, Danielle Foot 2nd – STAC: Stephen Norrie, Chris Tandy, Tim Tandy, Amy Wightley 3rd – Honeymooners: Kellie Meehan, Neil Davis, Alison Parker, Brooke Clarence
TEAM – WONDER WOMEN 1st – Dusty Dirt Gypsys: Melissa Mitchell, Casey Rodgers, Keira Collins, Julie Collins
PAIRS 1st – Team Magoo: Patrick McGillivray, Riley McGillivray 2nd – Choice Suspension WP Team: Matt Fish, Rob Novak 3rd – Tracks Adventure Gear: Simmo Arthur, Corey Banks
IRONMAN 1st – Ethan Maiwald 2nd – Sean Smith 3rd – Lou Stylianou
Grab the full event results here!

Wrap up:

These events remind you why we ride bikes, there is no real competition or pressure, it's all about having fun on your dirt bike with your mates and of course the banter that follows. It's not every day you get to ride tracks that you will never get to ride on an average weekend, it truly is a once a year experience. Thanks to all of the event sponsors, Fox, Dunlop, National Motorcycle Insurance, Scott, Wp Suspension, Moterex, Pro-X, Just1, Holeshot Graphics, Ballard's Off-Road, Uni Filter and most of all Transmoto for making this happen! We can't wait for the next event on May 14th - 15th at Miva, Qld. Grab all the dates for the upcoming events here.

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