Founded in 1997, Shift MX is one of the most unique motocross gear brands in the world. Few brands can sit comfortably side by side with the force that is Shift motocross gear. Names like Jeff Emig, Jeremy 'Twitch' Stenberg, Josh Hansen & Chad Reed have since become synonymous with the Shift name, and with that came the brands' reputation - style with attitude. Setting themselves apart from the competition, Shift MX riders have always had the style, swagger and speed to not only become multi-time World Supercross and Motocross champions, but also express their individualism through the style and authenticity that is Shift.

Recent years have seen the brand expand their bold and fearless range of gear to include an entry level range of high quality Shift helmets too. For all your motocross apparel and protective gear, Shift have got you covered. Made famous by some of the most recognisable names in the motocross industry, you know you're putting your safety in the hands of a product and brand that you know you can trust. Wherever and whenever you can, enjoy the ride!

2017 saw the introduction of two new ranges of Shift motocross gear - the entry level WHIT3 LABEL Gear range and the premium range of 3LACK LABEL Gear. Featuring industry leading technology, the 3LACK LABEL range has found its way onto supercross and motocross podiums around the world. Designed to increase a riders mobility, this lightweight technical racewear combines superior materials through a multi-panel construction, which allows the rider to experience superior maneuverability whilst on the dirt bike. Secondary to its big brother in only a few technical aspects, the WHIT3 LABEL range sets a new industry standard for uncompromised value in motocross gear, eviscerating former ideas of what you "can't" expect from a value range gear set. 

With current and multi-time AMA Motocross champion Ken Roczen having signed with Shift MX, the future is looking bright for this brand. Add in their ultra limited release of their elite level 3LUE LABEL range, and Shift is fast becoming one of the hottest motocross brands on the planet. Whether you're a professional racer, a weekend warrior, the local grommet or an accomplished veteran, Shift has something for everyone. And their all new Shift Motocross Boots are the perfect addition to their already epic range of racewear. With gear ranges spanning across both adults and kids sizes, the whole family can turn out at the track rocking their favourite Shift threads! 

Check out the latest 2020 Shift ranges in action below at MXstore's exclusive Shift Australia MX Launch Video.