Knee Braces versus Knee Pads

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Knee braces versus knee pads - which one is right for you?

So what is the difference between knee braces and knee guards, and which one is right for you?
Deciding between them ultimately comes down to the type of riding you’re doing on your bike, as both offer different levels of knee protection. Some knee pads are also shin guards that protect your knee cap.

Knee pads:
Knee pads are an entry-level of protection in comparison to knee braces, which is why they’re significantly more affordable.
Motocross knee guards offer protection against impacts, and it’s why they’re great for riders who are just starting out in riding dirt bikes, or the type of riding they’re doing is quite low-key without any major risks that need to be taken.

Knee protector pads are also great for junior riders, especially those continuing to grow and getting started in the sport.

Knee braces:
If you can afford to, we always recommend using dirt bike knee braces over knee pads, as they not only offer impact protection, but they’re also designed to help in preventing major knee injuries that can lead to costly surgeries and a lot of time on the couch.

Whether you’re a regular enduro, ATV, MTB, BMX, or motocross racer, a dual-sport rider, or just want to go offroad and rip through the bush, knee braces will always give the best protection possible for knees.

They’re designed to support your legs while reducing hyperextension and hyperflexion in the knees, which are where the most knee injuries result from.

Knee injuries are some of the most common in riding dirt bikes, and in most cases, they don’t even have to happen as a result of a crash.

Instead, they occur through awkwardly dabbing your leg on the ground, or even snagging your foot in a rut on and tree root in the trails which happens almost every time you put your goggles get behind a set of handlebars.

Knee braces usually have a system that mimics the ligaments in your knee joint, and so when you encounter one of the above issues, the brace absorbs the energy rather than your knee itself.

While they are at the higher-end of the scale in terms of price, knee braces are a long-term investment as they will normally last you years of riding, and if they prevent even just one knee injury, they’ve already saved you thousands of dollars. 

Some of the leading brands of the knee brace category are Pod, Leatt, Mobius, Asterisk, Alpinestars, Troy Lee Designs, and EVS. All have different designs and protective strong points and some brands also manufacture other body armour and protective gear products. Neck braces, chest protectors and elbow guards are all items you want to add to your gear bags.

If you’re a racer, motocross knee braces are a must, and there are a number of different models available at different price points, and there are even options available for junior racers.


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