10 Must-Have Dirt Bike Accessories

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  12 August 2020

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Dirt bike accessories can vary from gear, parts, through to bits and pieces that just make your life easier when it comes to preparing your motocross bike. In this guide, we highlight 10 dirt bike accessories every rider should own.

Dirt bike stand: A strong and sturdy dirt bike stand is an absolute requirement for every rider, as your steel triangle stand that rolls of out of the dealership with your bike simply won't cut it. There two types of stands to consider: the ever-popular 'box' stand - which is the strongest and sturdiest option - and the lift stand, which is for those who struggle to lift their bike onto a fixed-height 'box' stand.

Exhaust plug: An exhaust plug is one of the cheapest dirt bike accessories you'll ever buy, and it's something you'll use every single time you finish riding. An exhaust plug simply blocks any water from entering the exhaust while washing your motocross or enduro bike, meaning you can clean it thoroughly without having to worry about water potentially making its way into the engine.

Airbox wash cover: There are plenty of tricks and ways to prevent water from entering your airbox while washing your bike, although an airbox wash cover is money well spent. They simply screw-in where your air filter cage does and while sealing the airbox opening, so you can clean your airbox and make installing your next air filter that much easier.

Hour meter: An hour meter should be an immediate purchase as soon as you get a dirt bike. They're so affordable and will play a crucial role in determining when to undertake maintenance intervals, such as engine oil changes and engine rebuilds.

Fuel can: A fuel can is another must-have item and you simply can't head to the track without it! A fuel can is going to be with for years to come, so make sure you invest in something high quality and something that's going to be easy to fuel your bike up with, such as the Tuff Jugg fuel can with Ripper Cap.

Bike ramp: Unless your trailer has a rear door that also acts as a ramp, then you're definitely going to need to a bike ramp to load up your dirt bike. You don't want to be that rider who needs to always ask someone for a hand to lift your bike into your van or ute, and again, a ramp is an investment that will last you for years and will make loading that much more convenient.

Tie-downs: Just like many things on this list, tie-downs are essential for every dirt bike rider! Your bike needs to be secure when you're transporting it, and tie-downs are the most reliable and affordable option to do so.

Portable tool box: Carting your tools to and from the track can be a hassle, which is why a portable tool box, such as the Matrix M31 Worx, is incredibly handy to make sure you have all the correct tools no matter where you are, all while making it easy to move them around.

Handguards: Some riders use handguards every weekend and some use them in certain conditions - but they're an accessory every rider should have ready to be installed for when things get gnarly! A serious mud-race can be on the cards at any time throughout winter, so having a pair of handguards in your spares kit is wise to give your hands the best protection while also preventing damage to your controls on those unpredictable days.

Gear bag: Last but not least, every off-road rider needs a gear bag! Motocross requires a lot of protective gear and accessories, and if you don't have a gear bag big enough to store everything, it's easy to leave something behind and potentially ruin your weekend of riding. A gear bag is a centralised place that you can store your gear set, MX boots, helmet, and goggles, plus, it keeps them protected and makes them very convenient to cart around.

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