One of the most important things to throw in the ute or the moto van on a day of riding is your dirt bike fuel can. We have all forgotten our fuel jug at least once before and its never a fun time. We offer a huge display of spare fuel tanks and fuel cans to ensure you can always take the correct amount of fuel or a little extra in case you accidentally having too much fun. We offer a selection of brands with either the quick fill option or the general spout filler hose depending on your preference.

Whether you ride motocross, Enduro, ATV's or need a fuel container for any other action motorsports we have you covered. Offroad fuel cans are tough and made from the highest quality materials to ensure you will get years out of each item as well as offering a jerry can to suit each KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki machine.

Brands such as Tuff Jug, Acerbis, Polisport, and many more offer a range of colours and sizes to ensure your shopping experience is made quick and easy. As well as offering replacement parts such as O-rings, Hose bender, Fill hose, no-spill Vent caps, Replacement caps for selected brands, and fuel jugs. These premium gas cans are a must for the wish list and can be added to your shopping cart upon your next purchase.

Be sure to check out the range as well as other items to compliment your setups such as a new gear bag, some tie-downs for your motocross gear or even new dirt bike parts and riding gear such as some handguards for your handlebars or some fresh goggles!