Getting your kids into dirt bike riding can be an exciting but also nerve-racking experience. Making sure they are kitted up with some of the industry's best protective gear can be essential to complete their dirt bike gear set. Providing your child with the necessary equipment to boost their confidence and love for getting behind a set of handlebars can be the best investment to date.

We offer a huge display of motocross gear and off-road protection to suit your children of all ages. Whether you are chasing a new pair of goggles, roost/chest protector, kids knee braces, or one of the best kids helmets on the market we have you covered!

Protection essentials for toddlers usually include a set of pee wee dirt knee pads, kids dirt bike boots, kids elbow guards, and kids body armour. All of these things are to minimise the risk of abrasions or worse! As well as getting some new Fox Racing kids mx gloves, Oneal riding gear, and even a small Leatt neck brace to help keep your kids safe and wanting to continue riding dirt bikes!

Safety gear is of great importance in the Motocross and Enduro trail riding and racing scene, it is essential to ensure your kids always wear their body armour and other dirt bike protective gear when out dirt biking. Industry-leading brands such as Fly Racing, Alpinestars, Thor, EVS, Fox Racing, and Oneal offer high-quality motorsports products for the Youth motocross scene.