The originators of the motocross Neck Brace, Leatt know a thing or two about safety and protection. The company was built upon the success of their first range of MX neck braces, and the design has come a long way since. If you're serious about safety on the dirt bike and want the best protection possible, you really can't go anywhere else. With a plethora of options available for both the kids and adults alike, you'll be sure to find something for the whole family. 

Countless hours of R&D conducted by leading biomedical engineers and medical staff of the Leatt research lab gave birth to most technologically advanced neck brace in the world. The Leatt GPX 5.5 neck brace has blown us away with features that we didn't even know were possible to achieve. Leatt realizes that neck brace effectiveness is determined by how optimal the fit is which is why you'll find many advanced features that ensure the perfect fit. This superior fitment technology just happened to also be one of the reasons why this bit of gear is so comfortable!

When you want your young ones safe when they are going at speeds that most likely makes you fairly uncomfortable then you'll want to invest in some protective equipment that will ensure they're fully covered. The Leatt Fusion neck brace is some of the most innovative MX protective gear we've seen. Combining body armour alongside an invaluable neck brace provides the ultimate protection. This 2-in-1, versatile bit of gear will have them race-ready in the safest way possible with extensive coverage for the chest, flank, shoulder, back, and neck. 

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