Adult Protective Gear

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to MXstore's incredible range of Adult MX Protective Gear! First things first, let us just say this so we can get it out of the way - dirt bikes are dangerous, we all know that. No matter what level of riding you're into, there's a chance that you're going to have a crash and there's also a chance you might sustain an injury. However, here's the good news - this page is loaded to the tilt with any and every kind of protective riding gear you can get your hands on! From all the biggest brands in the industry and all the essential categories, the products you'll find here are going to go a long way to ensuring that no matter kind of accident you have on your dirt bike, you're going to be as protected as you can possibly be, and minimise the risk of serious injury!

Your first stop should without a doubt be the Adult Helmets category. The most essential piece of protective riding equipment, here at MXstore we have a golden rule - no helmet, no ride. You only get one head, and while broken bones and torn ligaments can an absolute pain in the butt (literally), these things will typically heal. An injury to your brain, however, can have serious impacts on your life. Don't take a chance and ensure you're equipped with a decent MX helmet every single time you're going for a ride. And while you're at it, check out our huge range of Adult MX Goggles as well, because, with a decent set of goggles wrapped around your helmet, your head is going to be ready for some action! Protect your noggin guys, and get your hands on some of the best protection available.

And don't think for a second that just because your head comes first you can go neglecting the other areas of your body! Statistically speaking, lower leg injuries are the most common injuries associated with dirt bike riding. Our immense range of Adult Motocross Boots will ensure that your feet and ankles have some serious support next time you're hitting the track or trails, and when you chuck them on alongside a set of MX Knee Braces, your legs are going to be throwing a party. On a serious note, take it from us - knee injuries are one of the absolute worst injuries in any sport, and they can happen so damn easily. A quality set of knee braces will go a long way towards ensuring your knee ligaments get the best support possible and minimize the possibility of a dreaded ACL or MCL tear (or any ligament for that matter - we've done them all, and it's not a fun time). Rest assured, no one here at MXstore will ever be riding a dirt bike again without a set of knee braces!

On the subject of protective gear you shouldn't go riding without, there's one more key category that has gained a lot of momentum in recent years - Adult Neck Braces. Somewhat controversial when they were first introduced to the market, the Motocross Neck Brace has come a long way in a short period of time, and the stats don't lie - these things save lives. Neck injuries are another one you don't want to take any chances with, so check out our range of Adult MX Neck Braces to see what's on offer. A lot of the new neck braces hitting the market are built specifically to be compatible with body armour, so it's becoming more and more simple to integrate the two protective pieces together for the ultimate safety combo! Leatt have even designed a combination Body Armour & Neck brace that pack both items into the one product! Check out the Leatt Fusion Armours now to see for yourself.

If you're interested in learning more about any of the key protective products, take some time to head on over to our Motocross Buying Guides, where we've delved into a number of the key categories like Boots, Helmets, Knee Braces, Body Armour, Neck Braces, Goggles, and more! They're packed full of useful information and buying tips, so we highly recommend giving them a read if you're chasing some new MX protective gear. And remember, all orders over $20 at MXstore will qualify you for free standard shipping to anywhere in Australia, so take advantage and get involved today. Happy shopping legends, and as always, Ride Safe.