If there is one motorcycle part that creates more muscle memory than any other item, it is probably your fuel tap. Years of having a petcock at the bottom of your dirt bike fuel tank has produced an unconscious motion from moto riders to constantly check that tank petcock is actually turned on. There's not many fears in dirt bike riders minds that cause concern like the thought of the engine dying on the face of the up ramp of a jump, just because the fuel tank switch was still pointing to the off switch. As off road bikes have developed and moved away from carburetors and to EFI, the fuel petcock is becoming a thing of the past, but many riders on these more modern bikes will still be trying to turn the petrol tap on for good measure. 

If your bike, ATV, or pit bike is still making use of an on/off petcock switch, MXstore has got you covered with replacement fuel taps to keep your motorcycle petrol flowing to the carburetor. Our range of gas tank petcocks from Ballards, MCS and Fuel Star suit a wide variety of bikes, so whether you have a Yamaha scooter, Honda motocross machine or a Thumpstar Pit Pro, we will have a fitment that will get you out of trouble. As well as fuel oriented accessories such as inline fuel filters, fuel caps and fuel jugs, we also stock a massive range of dirt bike parts and accessories. Whether you need a new set of handlebars, a replacement air filter, fresh sprockets or a can of chain lube, MXstore have the products you need.