Fuel Star is a very well established brand that provides 'the star'fuel valve kits for a large range of dirt bike makes and models. Fuel petcocks are replaced from theOEMdesign to offer a unique look and function for your machine. Few of the kits come with a small piece of fuel line to make the installation much easier with a simple clamp kit.

TheFuel Star fuel valve kits are a direct replacement of the original manufacturer's version rather than a rebuild kit. These kits are a simple fuel tank petcock replacement, not tied with the fuel pump in any way, just straight from the tank into your fuel injection or carburetor. With a small pop-up fuel filter inside the fuel tank,these products are a very easy item to replace! Hose clamps are provided for the dirt bikes that require such parts. TheFuel Starvalve has a small gasket on the new valve to ensure no leaks of petrol!

Whether you ride aKTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, or Suzuki we have over 100 separate Fuel Starkits to add to your shopping cart and take them off that huge wishlist!