A large majority of dirt bikes in circulations worldwide are using Carburetors instead of a newer direct fuel injection system. Most model bikes often use 'Mikuni' or 'Keihin' Dirt bike carburetors. As an OEM part these engine components are really strong and reliable and are used to tinker with your fuel mixture screw and air mixture ratio to tune your bike for alternating conditions with ease. We offer a range of Carburetor repair kits which include new main jets, gaskets, and pilot jets to further enhance the customisation capability for your machine.

Motorcycle carburetors are the connection between the throttle input and the power output through your throttle cable. Playing with your jetting or float bowl on the carburetor can change the dynamics of the motorcycle by letting more or less fuel through with respect to the original airflow intake in your 2 or 4 stroke engine. This can be changed within minutes and prove worthwhile in higher altitudes to optimise the horsepower of your dirt bike each time you hit the track.

We offer a range of fuel lines and vent hose to replace your OEM parts and prevent a kink or blockage directly from the fuel tank to the intake on the carburetor. Whether you ride a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Suzuki we are bound to have rebuild kits for you!

Carburetor jets are interchangeable and can be used to alter the fuel system and characteristics of the dirt bikes power output. For select model dirt bikes, we stock jet kits and direct from the United States to ensure quality products for our customers.

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