Motorcycle exhausts are one of the most exciting aftermarket power parts that our customers buy for their dirt bikes. Whether you race Enduro or motocross we have exhaust systems to fit the industry's most common motorbikes. Even more important than upgrading your exhaust system is ensuring you install the exhaust pipe gasket and muffler joints correctly. Gasket kits are super important for ensuring there are no air leaks that can prevent the exact amount of force and back pressure the dirt bike requires to run efficiently. Exhaust gaskets are held by either bolts or springs, commonly both to make certain that there is no possibility of leaks at the O-Ring.

We also offer gasket sets and hardware kits displayed in an affordable price range to replace the OEM rubber grommets between the header pipe, expansion chamber and the silencer/muffler. Exhaust port gaskets also are known as manifold gaskets are the copper exhaust spacers between the engine outlet and the very start of the header. Bolt and Winderosa are the main suppliers for these motorcycle parts to help get the most out of your brand new Stainless steel FMF, Pro Circuit or Yoshimura exhaust system on your KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki or Suzuki dirt bike. We highly recommend servicing your exhaust and keeping an eye on the joints and gaskets holding the system in one piece to make certain your dirt bike is at optimum performance each time you hit the track.