We offer a huge display of engine modifications as well as motocross and enduro hard parts. Rebuild kits are a popular choice for the average racer to keep the dirt bike at its optimum performance capabilities. Gasket kits are essential when rebuilding a dirt bike engine. We offer a selection or complete gasket kits, top-end gasket kits, Head gaskets, Bottom end base gasket, exhaust gaskets, and clutch cover gaskets to suit a huge range of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models! 

The best way to find the complete gasket set for your dirt bike is to use the bike finder tool on the home page of our website, to ensure you are only looking at the OEM replacement kits for your model of a dirt bike. The Winderosa Kits offered include items such as engine and transmission oil seals, water pump seals, clutch, shifter and starter seals. We highly recommend replacing the gaskets on your machine regularly to maximise the performance and capability of your dirt bike each time you hit the track. We offer a selection of engine oils, oil filters, and piston kits as well to replace simultaneously with your engine gasket set.  As well as this why not check out some of the bearing kits we hold in stock for your dirt bike and service the exterior components of the machine such as swingarm linkage bearings or front / rear wheel bearings!