Dirt bike engines hold a mix of gaskets to join the bottom end and top end which holds the crankshaft and your OEM piston kit. Bottom end kits hold many of the main bearings and smaller engine parts whereas the top end is usually a piston and cam chain for 4 stroke engines. We hold huge stock of complete engine rebuild kits from Wiseco and Hot Rods to give you a suitable and strong aftermarket upgrade. Bottom end kids are expensive and not done too often if the rider maintains the bike to a high standard. These kits are specific to bike makes and models and prices vary between them for each rebuild kit for your KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or Suzuki. The typical complete bottom end kit holds the connecting rod kit, crank bearings, Hot Rods crankshaft assembly, Wrist pin, complete gasket kit, Crank seals and other small pieces in between to complete the crankshaft assembly kit. 

Doing maintenance such as regularly cleaning your air filter, replace gasket kits accordingly, purchasing a water pump rebuild kit and holding a bolt kit handy can make the biggest difference to prolonging the life of the engine and the motocross bike. Bottom end rebuild kits are very precise and need to be done with confidence. We recommend seeking help from a qualified dirt bike mechanic to install the Hot Rods bottom end kit and ensure it is done correctly, otherwise a lack of experience can unfortunately cause further damage to the engine.