Instead of breaking out the grinder and potentially ruining your new chain, check out our range of chain breakers at MXstore. One of these handy pieces of equipment will make the seemingly impossible task of cutting a heavy-duty dirt bike chain a 5-minute job. They are small but will make short work of any motorcycle chain when used correctly, a must-have in the tool kit!

Chain tools are designed to split the chain in the desired position by pushing the chain pin through the chain link. This is done to either break the chain to the correct size when brand new, or if the motorbike has eventually stretched the motorcycle chain and needs to be shortened. This should be done at the master link, to identify the master link on a motorcycle chain there will be a clip link or a rivet link. Based on whether you buy an o-ring chain or an X-ring chain, a chain breaker and chain press tool is essential. We have an assortment of chains to fit Atv quads bikes and dirtbikes. To save the pain of trying to use common tools such as pliers or screwdrivers to act as a chain splitter we highly recommend adding a chain breaker tool to your wishlist!