Motocross is awesome! There is nothing quite like putting on your goggles, getting there revs up, watching the gate drop and then dumping the clutch to get the holeshot. Racing away as you bang through the gears using your new red anodised clutch lever. Your throttle control is smooth and precise thanks to years of experience behind the handlebars and the new Motion Pro throttle cable is holding up well. It is at this point that you think to yourself, have I ever replaced or even lubricated the OEM clutch cable that came on the dirt bike? Luckily the dirt bike clutch cable holds up and you claim the win!

Motocross bikes, enduro bikes, quad bikes, and other off-road machines are constantly under pressure and as a result, crucial parts like brake linesbrake cables, and clutch cables can break and turn a day of extreme riding into a day of extreme pushing.  It is recommended that you regularly lube the cables on your bike with an appropriate cable lube and cable lubing tool. If you see any signs of damage to the cables whilst doing this then it is best practice to replace the cable and prevent future headaches.

At MXstore we have a massive range of clutch cables that fit all popular dirt bikes including Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and KTM.  If you are unable to find a stainless steel motorcycle clutch cable for your pit bike, scooter, ATV, go-kart or even your Harley Davidson please give one of our part specialists a call or drop us an email and we will track it down so you can get out there and Ride More!