If you like running gear by a brand that is synonymous with designing motocross gear for the purist then check out the full range of Shift gear sets. These guys have been making epic gear since 1997 for the bold and fearless riders and pride themselves on being the fastest, going the biggest, and having the most fun. If this sounds like you then you'll love the Shift as much as we do.

When you want to wear Shift gear but can't afford the premium line then Shift WHIT3 label gear sets are a great starting point. Super affordable yet still excellent quality and durable as hell, the WHIT3 label gear sets will not only look sick but are seriously well-constructed with the quality you would expect from the Shift brand. 

If you have a little more to spend then we recommend checking out Shift 3LACK label gear sets for a premium range of pants and jerseys that are so comfy you'll want to go to bed with them. Feature-rich with an athletic fit through its multi-panel construction, this gear is super well thought-out with high attention to detail displayed throughout. 

Shift Recon gear sets are for the rider who's only limits are the ones to be pushed. The guys at Shift did a massive strip away of frills and unnecessary features. They focused on giving riders more of what they need and less of what they don't. You'll see improved performance, affordable quality, and unique individualistic designs. The ultimate gear set for the freerider.