There's 2 things the French are good at - winning Motocross of Nations races, and producing world class chain lube. Motul is a French company manufacturing high quality lubricating fluids for both road use and off road motorcycles. The range of Motul chain lubes are specifically designed for either road or dirt bike use, but all are suitable for all O-Ring and X-Ring chains as well as standard dirt bike chains. The Motul Off Road Chain Lubricant has been developed to adhere to the bike chain and not fling off, but can be easily removed with Motul Chain Cleaner. Performing a regular clean and lube of the chain will help maintain a rust resistant finish, and help with ensuring you get the longest life out of your chain and sprockets. Here at MXstore we have in stock a range of chain lubes and chain cleaners from Motul, as well as their engine oils, coolants, air filter oils and brake fluids. If you're after chain lube, we have a wide variety from a range of suppliers such as Motorex, Maxima and Belray. Whether you are on a Honda, Kawasaki or KTM dirt bike, or a BMW or Suzuki dual sport machine, we have the items you need to keep your machine in A1 condition.