Anybody who participates in motocross, mountain biking, BMX and other action sports will at some point have considered how to deal with the impacts and injury risks involved. It's an unfortunate side effect that with these sports, but one that is best not taken lightly. There is a reason why the saying "Dress for the crash and not the ride" exists. Today's riders are served by a massive range of protective gear that offer varying degrees of impact protection for the inevitable incidents that these sports will no doubt provide. Within this substantial range are a variety of different approaches to safety gear and body armour. One manufacturer that takes a much more streamlined approach to their products is G-Form. While their approach to design and performance isn't so much with the dirt bike user in mind, the G-Form range of protective gear is certainly worth a look when you're looking for new body armour, knee guards, compression shorts or elbow pads to offer maximum impact protection. Designed primarily for skateboarding, BMX and mountain bike athletes, the G-Form Pro and Elite ranges offer machine washable moisture-wicking materials, with a soft flexible impact zones made from G-Form's patented SmartFlex material. This soft, moldable material ensures a snug close fit, that utilizes Reactive Protection Technology to harden instantly on impacts.