EVS offers some of the best protection equipment in the motocross industry. Stemming from armour, mx knee braces, and race collars they have introduced a market-leading mx neck braces. The EVS neck brace comes in a variety of low-profile neck support. Off-road protective gear is always produced to solve a problem and introduce a prevention device. Specifically for neck braces, the idea is the disperse the lateral hyperflexion that is forced into your neck when you have a huge crash.

The neck brace of any brands whether it be EVS, Alpinestars, Leatt, or Atlas will all provide a very similar protection style with the unique designs. The main purpose is to spread the force acting on your neck/spine and vertebrae and push it into your shoulders and collarbone. Ideally, convincing your collarbone to take the majority of the hit rather than your neck which can cause more severe damage. They also offer a smaller turning radius and side-to-side movement to prevent any risk of hyperextension.

EVS Sports neck brace can be used for Enduro racing, BMX and MTB racing as well as motocross and ATV racing. The EVS R4 is the top variant that has an easy front entry system and simple closure system to strap on quickly and effortlessly and prevent the neck/collarbone injuries as much as possible! The EVS R3 race collar offers similar neck protection but is more the shape of a neck collar than a neck brace. The EVS R2 race collar is extremely similar to the R3, however, does not include an easy attachment system that the R3 has.

We highly recommend you check out the range of neck protector devices that are compatible with most of the roost protectors and armours and add these items to your wishlist. Preventing any form of neck injury is super important and a crucial component to include in your set of dirt bike riding gear.