Pro Spotlight: Jed Beaton's Husqvarna FC 250

Proud to Support  |  18 August 2020

Pro Spotlight: Jed Beaton's Husqvarna FC 250 main image

MXstore ambassador Jed Beaton has one of the most prized seats in the MXGP World Championship being on the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing team. His FC 250 motocross bike is one of the most competitive on the startline, and it's littered with a bunch of cool parts. Being a factory bike, there are some components us everyday riders can't buy, and there are even some that are made to look like a production part, however are custom made for the team and rider. 

In this Pro Spotlight, we look at the parts on Beaton's Husqvarna FC 250, in their production form, that you can buy to be like the Australian MX2 World Championship racer.

FMF Titanium Factory 4.1 RCT muffler & Titanium Megabomb header pipe: 
An exhaust system is a staple component on any dirt bike, and the FMF Titanium Factory 4.1 RCT muffler and FMF Titanium Megabomb header pipe combo used by Beaton and the factory Husky team is one of the most stylish on the market. Obviously, it's not there for looks, offering great performance advantages as well as a reduction in weight. 

Pirelli tyres:
Tyre choice for Jed obviously changes from track to track in the motocross championship, and while he is using a factory offering, you'll generally see him using something equivalent to the Pirelli MX32 and Pirelli Scorpion sand tyre. Both dirt bike tyres are incredibly popular amongst Aussie riders, with the Scorpion being an absolute must on sand circuits.

Pro Taper Fuzion handlebars:
Handlebars are one of the components where riders have quite a few options to choose from, which ranges from tapered or cross-bar handlebars, through to what bend they want. Beaton's team is sponsored by Pro Taper, and he chooses to use the Fuzion, which is Pro Taper's cross-bar offering that can be locked or unlocked, depending on how much flex you want in the bars.

Rekluse automatic clutch: 
Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing is one of the factory team are using the increasingly popular automatic clutches by Rekluse, as seen on Jed Beaton's FC 250. A Rekluse clutch automatically engages and disengages, yet still allows for engine braking and manual use of the clutch lever as well. They're designed to prevent stalling at low speeds, while it offers performance advantages in the fact that it automatically delivers traction to the rear wheel.

RK chain & Supersprox sprocket:
You'll find an RK chain and Supersprox sprocket fitted to Beaton's MX2 class bike, which are two of the best brands in dirt bike drivetrains.

MotoMaster disc brakes:
While Jed uses a factory Brembo brake setup, his bike is fitted with MotoMaster disc brakes. The wave 'flamed' design by MotoMaster aids in cooling and cleaning of the contact surface.

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