Rekluse Clutches have caught the eye of many riders in both the off road and motocross worlds, and are starting to appear on the bikes of both competitive and casual riders worldwide. These aftermarket auto-clutch packs have revolutionized the off road riding experience across a variety of different disciplines and skill levels. Whether taking your KTM or Husqvarna 300 and entering a grueling enduro event or sticking with casual trail riding on your Honda or Suzuki four stroke machine, adding in a Rekluse auto clutch takes away many of the shortfalls that can affect your riding on a machine fitted with a standard manual clutch across a wide range of engine RPM.  Whether you are on a Kawasaki, Sherco or even a BMW, the addition of improved traction and less stalling are a massive benefit that appeal to those who enjoy riding challenging terrain, but perhaps not the exertion that is typically required. If you're hitting the motocross track with your mates or even racing at the same level as Star Racing Yamaha in AMA SX, a Rekluse Core EXP 3.0 or the higher end Rekluse Radius X offer significant performance gains that are a smart addition for any dirt bike. 

Dropping in a Rekluse clutch kit isn't an overly challenging task, and the rule of thumb to go by is that if you can change out your own clutch plates, you can handle installing a Rekluse Clutch. Most kits include all the clutch components required: clutch plates, pressure plates, adjustable slave cylinders (where required) and a swish aftermarket clutch cover to let you get things going straight out of the box, and the system requires no additional modification of your existing clutch parts. They have been designed to make use of your OEM clutch basket and stock clutch lever, and all models maintain full operation of the clutch lever.