4 Parts To Boost Your Dirt Bike's Performance

How-To Guides & Tutorials  |  13 August 2020

4 Parts To Boost Your Dirt Bike's Performance main image

Performance upgrades for dirt bike aren't always directly associated with your engine, which are generally quite expensive when you factor in the cost of parts and labour, but there's actually a selection of bolt-on components that can improve the reliability of your make and increase its performance as an overall package. In this guide, we list four performance components which are straightforward upgrades for your dirt bike.

Dirt bike exhaust system:
An aftermarket exhaust system is one of the first parts most riders and racers will fit to their bike, and it's the most straightforward way to boost your motocross or enduro bike's performance. A slip-on muffler will also provide performance gains, however if you want to get the most out of it, we always recommend kitting yourself out with the full system, as the header pipe plays an integral role in how the extra power is delivered.

Most aftermarket exhaust systems offer an increase in horsepower and alter the power delivery from standard, but they're also significantly lighter than the OEM unit, which is another performance factor to take into consideration. 

Oversized front brake rotor:
Almost all of the top riders in the world use an oversized front brake rotor, and it's a bolt-on part that you can easily fit your bike to boost its braking performance. 

Oversized brake rotors help distribute heat from the pad more efficiently, and as a result, it maintains braking powering during race conditions while also extending the life of brake pads and rotors. So while upfront it's a greater investment, you'll reduce the costs of regular pad replacements, all while getting the front brake performance gains we all desire. Switching to an oversized rotor will require additional calliper brackets to accommodate the additional size.

Holeshot device:
A holeshot device doesn't exactly make a 'performance upgrade' to the bike itself, but it does boost your performance on starts. A holeshot device is a button or clip that sits on the right-hand fork guard of your motocross bike, and when the suspension is compressed and the button is engaged, it locks onto the locking ring that wraps around the fork itself, holding the forks down in position. 

It allows you to position yourself on the bike in a firmer manner, and with the front end brought down, your feet can also be planted nicely on the ground. These two key benefits assist in getting the low ‘attack’ position that’s required to get the power to the ground.

The device prevents the bike from doing a wheelie while keeping the front wheel nice and low when the gate drops and you release clutch - meaning you’re much less likely to loop out with the weight of the bike being brought forward, while it automatically disengages when the forks compress.

You won't find a dirt bike without one on the start line of a motocross race.

Rekluse automatic clutch:
Rekluse clutches have soared in popularity over recent years, and you can find them installed on a number of factory bikes in motocross, supercross, and of course, enduro. The clutch automatically engages and disengage, yet still allows for engine braking and manual use of the clutch lever as well. 

They're designed to prevent stalling at low speeds, while for motocross riders, the increased performance comes through allowing you to ride a taller gear throughout corners and applying the rear brake without the fear of stalling, plus it simplifies the use of the clutch that promotes focus on throttle control and line selection.

For enduro riders, they can see performance benefits in easier navigation of technical terrain as the automatic modulation of the clutch allows for better traction in slippery conditions, while steep and technical hills can also be negotiated without worrying about feathering the clutch to keep the RPMs up and the bike running.

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