One of the most important parts of a dirt bike set up is to have your suspension set up to suit your weight, riding ability and the off-road terrain you are riding on. 

Having fully functioning suspension is an often overlooked aspect of owning and riding any dirt bike as it is an unseen part that does not draw the attention of onlookers. Front forks operating in a correct manner can mean the difference between simply "surviving" the days riding, to "excelling" in the conditions from motocross, enduro or dual terrain. "Blown" or "Scored" motorcycle fork oil seals will cause them to leak essential fork oil all over your fork tubes, brake caliper and brake pads also creating an imbalance in the bike's handling characteristics.
A vital piece of knowledge is to understand when and how to remove the fork cap and replace these "worn out" seals and dust seals to return the motorcycle's balance and feel with fresh new seals. The term  "A mechanic is only as good as his tools" rings ever true as some tasks require a tool made especially for it. The correct tool for this job is to use a dedicated Fork Seal Driver in the size that is suitable for the make and model bike you need to perform this procedure on. We currently hold the most popular brands in the industry right here in Australia. Checkout brands such as Motion Pro, Bikeservice, BallardsDRC and many more so jump online and add these to your wishlist. You can obtain these as a single driver (one size), or as a set (multiple sizes for multiple bikes). If you are searching for the correct tool but are not sure what is suitable for your bike reach out to our friendly team and we will take care of your requests.