Fork cap tools are one of the many suspension tools needed to complete the toolbox or the workshop station. We offer an extensive range of fork cap wrench tools to accommodate all makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki machinery!

Brands such as Motion Pro, DRC, Ballards, RHK and a display of others are available. These spanners are for releasing the top cap of your KYB, Showa or WP forks to do a service on your suspension fluid or spring rate. Motocross and Enduro dirt bikes should be serviced regularly to ensure optimum performance is always present. Dirt bike suspension tools are specific to each bike as some require a dual-chamber fork cap wrench or smaller tool to release the OEM torqued fork cap. Fork cap tools are a great addition to the toolset and should be taken everywhere with you!

The fork cap on most dirt bikes is located directly below the handlebars at the very top of the front fork. This area can be the place where suspension clickers and adjusters are placed, as well as fork bleeder valve upgrades. We offer a selection of bike parts to complement your fork cap tools such as replacement/upgrade fork seals and dust seals.

We stock a range of tools that may be useful during your suspensions services such as fork seal bullet and fork oil level tools. Both of which are useful in their own discipline to act as a fork seal puller and remover as well as cleaning the seal whilst still on the dirt bike. Suspension tools such as a Sag scale are also super useful for helping with your dirt bikes setup.