Maintaining your motorcycle chain is super important to ensure you get the most life out of the new chain. Whether your chain is new or used we highly recommend having the correct tools for the job to ensure you have successfully tightened, aligned and fitted the chain to your dirtbike. 

We offer a huge variety of chains in different brands and sizes to fit your bikes and with that are also a range of sizes to suit distinct bike capacities. Being a part of the offroad, enduro or ATV industry involves hours of maintenance on your machine and the chain is considered the driving force component delivering engine power in the form of speed. Hence why it is so important to keep these items lubricated and well looked after. 

We have chain tools to suit O-ring and X-ring chains. There are over 30 chain specific tools to browse through including Master link pliersChain breakers, chain alignment tool, riveting tool, and chain press tools. All of which play a major role in determining whether your chain is fitted and working effectively. For a select few chain breakers we offer replacement pins, incase you put a little too much elbow grease in and accidentally bend the small chain pin press. Available in the same category are chain brushes for an easy cleaning solution if you're at the track and just want to clear some excess dirt.

Among leading brands such as BallardsMotion Pro, MCS, and Bikeservice we are sure we will have the ideal tool kit for you!