Mousse tubes are a foam insert that take the place of an inner tube as the filling of your dirt bike tyre. Used mainly by competitive enduro racers and serious off road riders, they have been growing in popularity due to their ability to virtually eliminate the risk of getting a flat tire while out on the trail. This improved low pressure puncture resistance, as well as general improvement in the "feel" of bib mousses has seen them develop as an option for motocross riders as well the more casual trail riding crowd. Mousses have been a less preferred option versus a heavy duty tube due to a more limited life span and their lack of adjustment when it comes to tire pressure. But recent advancements have seen improvements on the PSI feel, with some mousses now offering differing tire pressure mousses in the same size. 

MXstore has a large range of mousse tubes available, and our customer service team can help you work through the myriad of sizes and brands available. Michelin, Nitro Mousse, Motoz, Goldentyre and Dunlop are some of the manufacturers that offer these for both front tire and rear tire applications. Also are all the tools and accessories to help make the install process as easy as possible - Ballards Off Road manufacture dedicated motorbike tyre changers and tyre levers to help manage the stiffest of vailable rear tyre sidewalls and Michelin and Nitro mousse lubes help substantially in getting your mousse installed properly.