Keeping your Dirt Bike maintenance up to scratch and ensuring your off-road motocross or enduro racing machine is always operating at its optimum capacity is essential for every rider. Chain and sprockets are the few components on the dirt bike that are pushing the power of the engine into the rear wheel. These items are exposed to the environment around you and one of the parts on the dirt bike under extreme tension and velocity the entire ride. The front sprocket is susceptible to housing mud, rocks, and other debris from the tracks and trails. This can eventually upset the flow of the chain and potentially cause a blockage or a sudden stop to the dirt bike. These engine parts can also protect items such as the clutch cover, starter motor and other items if the dirt bike chain snapped at any point, preventing further damage to the engine front and other aspects of the dirt bike.

Front sprocket covers and case savers are designed to eliminate the risk of this happening and provide an aftermarket upgrade to your Honda CRF450R or your KTM 250SX-F machine. These CNC machined billet upgrades are highly sought after in the industry and provide an exceptional level of durability. These motorcycle parts are super easy to install with barely any effort required!

Check out the other related products near the chain and sprocket department such as OEM replacement swingarm protectors, front sprocket chain sliders, and chain rollers. These products would be a great addition to the shopping cart next time you're thinking of upgrading some OEM parts on the bike before you top up the fuel tank and head to the track.