A major component of offroad and enduro racing is articulated around your bike set up and confidence with pushing the limits where needed. With our extensive display of MX parts and accessories, we offer there is no way your bike can't be heavily protected! Polisport is the current swingarm protector manufacturer for this generation's dirt bikes and offers a large range for many motocross bikes. Whether you own a KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, Beta, Sherco or GAS GAS, there is an option for you! The best way to determine your bike fitment is to utilise the online bike finder on our website and validate if your year model is suitable for the Polisport swingarm protectors

These swingarm protectors are an extension of the common frame guard, offering another layer of abrasion resistance with a molded hard shell perfect fit. Swing arm guards are a fairly new type of protection of the bike, to assist the clutch cover and other frame protectors. This product will also help with the resale value of your bike in the future as the swingarm cover will keep scratches and hopefully smaller impact dents. MX Stickers can also be placed on top of the swingarm protectors to maintain the neat look of your Graphics kit. The best part about these covers is the ease of installation, no need for extra bolt kits, simply clip the guard onto the exterior of the swing arm and with a few zip ties and quick alignment, you're ready to hit the trails.

These items are a must-have in your wishlist! If you are ready to kit your whole bike out with protective equipment checkout the entire range of clutch covers, Bash & Skid PlatesFrame Guards, Disc Guards and more!