Dirt bikes are complex and fascinating pieces of machinery. Dirt bike radiators are a super important piece of the puzzle that completes the machine and help it to run efficiently and at its peak performance. Radiator louvers are one of the only forms of the guard that are placed in front of the radiators to protect them from roost as well as offer a guided airflow to ensure cooling is effective. Motocross and Enduro racing machines all need a good cooling system to prevent any unwanted engine problems such as overheating and or seizing your new RMZ450.

We offer a large selection of radiator louvers for many makes and models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki machinery! With globally known brands such as Polisport, Racetech and Acerbis there is a range of colour options and style to choose for each machine. Generally, dirt bikes will come with OEM offroad louvers to match the factory plastics. These OEM louvers will fit any set of aftermarket plastics, however, we highly recommend upgrading to a set of new reinforced radiator guards or dirt bike radiator louvers to match a new plastic kit and provide optimum airflow to your dirt bikes cooling system.

Each time you jump into your Dirt bike gear at the track, be sure to double-check all of your fenders, side panel, number plate, air box and other items on your bike to ensure its fitment is secure and tight. Checking coolant in your radiators is equally as important to make sure no rocks have flicked off your fork covers since the last ride and made its way through the radiator shrouds to puncture the radiator fins of your Honda CRF 450R.