One of the most common parts riders break or bend are the front brake lever and clutch lever. The handlebars of any offroad motocross machine are the widest component of the motorcycle and usually hit the ground first in the event of a fall. OEM levers are simple and easy to install the component. We offer a large range of replacement OEM style levers for an affordable option. Otherwise, we stock a large variety of lever sets from leading brands such as Pro TaperZeta, ARC levers, and RHK

Lever assembly is easily adjustable with only 2 bolts holding the clutch perch and front brake hand control. Handguards can also be fitted to handlebars and will not interfere with any of our aftermarket dirt bike levers. We stock a spread of flex clutch and brake levers to suit many makes and models of a dirtbike. Each aftermarket brand provide a colour choice for your particular bike to match the general colour scheme. Brake and clutch lever sets are available for KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Honda, Husaberg, and Suzuki's most popular range of dirt bikes, and should be considered for your wishlist! The best part is you can use your OEM perch assembly which already holds the master cylinder for the hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch lever and simply place the new lever sets in without the need for extra bolt kits.

The aftermarket billet designed lever sets are an incredible upgrade from a standard OEM  set up. These levers are made with a flush design to increase the comfort and feel on the dirt bike. Most of the brands are also adjustable, meaning you can adjust where the lever sits. If you have smaller hands you are given the opportunity to pull the lever in close to the handlebars so there isn't so much of a 'reach' when trying to use the hand controls. Alternatively if you have larger hands you can push the lever out further to suit your preference! These levers are incredible and should be considered for the shopping cart next time you decide to kit out the bike!