Our range of mini dirt bike handlebars vary from standard 50cc bars through to your 85cc Fatbars and then to also your pit bike handlebars which raise the height of the bars for those taller kids or even adults to have a go. We offer brands like Neken, Pro Taper, ODI handlebars and Renthal handlebars in many different colours so that you can get that perfect fit and look. Motocross handlebars come in many different bends and sizes so make sure to check our sizing guide provided in the photo section of each handlebar so that you get that comfortable feeling you're looking for. We also have the Pro Taper pit bike complete kit available for your XR or CRF50 which provides everything you need to raise the height of the bars and ride more comfortably on your little dirtbike.

Now if you're looking for a set of bars that are better for kids with small hands you can't go past our Pro Taper Micro Handlebars which have an abrupt-taper to give it a smaller diameter in the handhold areas while still maintaining a 7/8" diameter throughout the clamping and control areas. This means that kids little hands don't have to reach around a huge normal sized grip. This can help reduce arm pump in kids and also increase their comfort on the dirtbike which will help them progress and develop faster. 

These handlebars are a standard OEM replacement (unless risers and bar mounts are changed to suit alternate bars) and upgrade for both enduro racers and offroad riders. All of which come with a new bar pad to represent the company whos handlebars you selected for your machine.