Renthal Handlebars are without doubt one of the most popular handlebar brands in the world, and there's not really any secret behind their success. Premium quality, superior performance and an unmatched reputation, Renthal has had a stranglehold on the handlebar market for years. Led by their industry leading Renthal Twinwall Handlebars, professional racers around the world choose to ride with Renthal than any other brand. Borrowing principles from aircraft design, the Twinwall bars give the best combination of lightness, strength and safety, offering riders the most advanced set of handlebars available for your machine today. Consisting of two alloy tubes, one within the other, these things are on another level entirely when it comes to product development and innovation.

Renthal Fatbars, while they may not be as technologically advanced as the Twinwalls, perform admirably as a mid-range price point handlebar, and their popularity in the market reflects that. As the market leader in unbraced handlebars, the Fatbars feature a tapered wall that allows the clamping area to be larger than the control ends, allowing for superior bar strength and increased control performance. As with every product produced under the Renthal brand banner, these things are simply unmatched when it comes to product quality, and with a wide range of colours and bends on offer, there's definitely something for everyone! is proud to stock the widest range of Renthal motocross handlebars in the country, so get involved with Renthal today, and we promise you will never look back.