There are a variety of off road motorbike handlebars available nowadays in a wide range of models and styles. For motocross and enduro riders, the size options are of either 7/8 standard sized handlebar, or an oversized 1 1/8 bar. Most stock dirt bike bar mounts accommodate the traditional 7/8 size, where the 7/8 refers to the diameter of the handlebar tube, and more precisely the diameter at the point where they handlebar attaches to the mounting clamps. These 7/8 bars will often, if not always, feature a cross bar to ensure adequate strength and restrict any unwanted flex from the bars when putting your motorbike through it's paces. The other option are those that fall into the 1 1/8 size - these are also referred to as fat bars or tapered bars. These models have a larger 1 1/8 clamping diameter, that can provide a stiffer bar without a cross bar being required. These oversized bars still feature the same 7/8 diameter at the outer extremities of the handlebar, allowing the same grips, clutch levers, master cylinders and hand controls to be utilized. Whichever size is currently in place, to allow the alternate bar option to be run, it may require the addition of adjuster sleeves, changing of the bar mounts or the installation of new triple clamps. The style that a rider chooses to run comes down to a multitude of factors, but more often than may be decided by what will fit your existing setup. 

Here at MXstore we have a range of 7/8 handlebars from renowned brands such as Renthal, Pro Taper, ODI, Tag and RHK. Available in an assortment of bends and colours that will complement any machine, whether you are riding a Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki.  Depending on the brand and bend, you can choose from satin black, anodized red, gold or a titanium or chrome finish. As well, if the stock bar pad isn't to your liking, we have a wide range of trick bar pads to change things up and take on the look of your favourite racer. When it comes to handlebars & controls, MXstore can help you out with any moto handlebars that you might be chasing - just touch base with our friendly customer service team if you need help chasing down what you need for your ATV, cafe racer or custom motorcycle.