Here at MXstore, we have a large range of aftermarket 2 stroke and 4 stroke exhaust guards. We offer brands such as ACD RacingAcerbis, BallardsDRC, Polisport, Propower and Ricochet. These brands have already pre-made moulds or self moulding options so that we can cover KTM, Husqvana, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki plus more with the best pipe protection. Ballards pipe guards are predominantly used in off-road dirtbike racing as they need to protect their exhaust from many objects such as, trees, rocks, branches etc.

Polisport is one of our most popular with their self moulding 2 stroke pipe guard that can be bent into any position so it is guaranteed to fit your 2 stroke expansion chamber. For specific models there are carbon fiber exhaust pipe guards available to sharpen up your header pipe and change the look of the entire exhaust system and dirtbike at the same time Motorcycle exhausts are extremely important for reducing engine backpressure and mitigating sound, protecting it is essential!

 If it's 4 stroke exhaust guards you're looking for we have you covered with our Ricochet and ACD Racing pipe guards that offer that next level protection you need in the bush. Now if it's your Silencer that needs protection our Acerbis exhaust protector is great, reducing the amount of scratches and dents on your pipe but yet still being sleek. Make sure to add one of these to your next shopping cart to save yourself the money of a full new exhaust system. Trust me, both you and your bike will be thanking us later.