One of the best ways to maximise performance and ensure your motocross or enduro dirt bike is running to perfection can be rebuilding the engine. As well as other components of the bike such as wheel bearing kitssprockets, and handlebars that are equally as important. We hold a selection of Hot Rods transmission bearing kits and rebuild kits for a large variety of KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, and Suzuki models! When you are prepared to replace your primary and secondary shafts of the transmission in your machine be sure to check out the range we offer and see if we have the right part numbers and new transmission components for you!

Hot Rods Bearings include the Special needle bearing for the shift drum and the output shaft collar and washer. We highly recommend when replacing internal engine parts such as the crankshaft and countershaft components that you view the selection of OEM replacement gasket and seal kits to further ensure you are giving the engine the best chance of reliability in the future. Hot Rods are a high-performance replacement and offer a great product for every machine they account for in their fitments. If your dirt bike has been maintained well, serviced regularly, and taken care of throughout its lifetime there is a good chance these transmission bearings won't need replacing for a significant amount of seat time. These parts are incredibly important for the motorcycle to perform at its best!