Hot Rods dirt bike transmission bearing kits are hot property when it comes to rebuilding your dirt bike. The fitment of the OEM replacement is second to none, with all necessary transmission parts for each individual bike. The kit will include the connecting rod bearings, primary and secondary shafts of the transmission, and all seals in between. The kit will not usually house the water pump bearing, counter balancer bearing, or engine oil seal kit. Although each machine is different and requires different bits and pieces. These kits are available for most models of KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha machines!

We highly recommend when opening the engine casing that you checkout and ideally replace the gaskets on all bikes to ensure a tight seal when completing the engine rebuild. Each individual kit offers product details and further product information when filtering by your specific machine. These parts are extremely important in helping the drivetrain and crankshaft move freely inside the engine casing. The Hot Rods transmission bearing kit is one for the wishlist for any mechanic or racer rebuilding their dirt bike! We keep these items in stock for popular bikes such as the CR250R, Yamaha YZ250, and more! We also highly recommend asking a qualified mechanic to install these engine components as failure to do so correctly can cause further damage and void the warranty on a new dirt bike.