When your dirt bike pulls double duties and spends time on the road and well as off road, it's a legal requirement that you've got a working rear brake and tail light. Well, honestly it's a good idea as it is certainly a better idea to be letting anyone behind you know that your motorbike is coming to a stop so that they can pull up as well (they're not really called fender benders when you get a car into the rear fender of your KTM). So to make sure you're sorted for the requirements of the road, here at MXstore we stock a solid range of brake lights, tail lights and indicators. As well as the lights and bulbs, we also stock a range of rear brake light switch set ups to make sure things are working as they should be. With offerings from Ballards that come with the brake switch and a spring kit to dial in the trigger point, or DRC's banjo bolt offerings there is a rear brake switch to keep you out of trouble. Whether you are riding a Honda or Yamaha scooter or your Kawasaki or Suzuki dual sport weapon, we can get you sorted.

Mxstore stocks one of Australia's largest ranges of motorbike parts and accessories. Whatever is on your wishlist for your motocross or enduro machine, we have got you covered. We keep a huge range of full size and pit bike parts in stock, so whether you need a fresh set of handlebars, brake levers or brake pedals, require a new kill switch or need to rebuild your master cylinder, we have the best motocross gear from the biggest names.