Motocross and dirt bike riding in general is tough on the body but also tough on the machine. The performance engine being held at high revs for long periods of time can make things heat up real quick.

The last thing you want while out at the track is your stock radiator hoses having a blowout which would end your day in a matter of minutes. If you dont happen to catch a leaking radiator it will also end your motor as well which is a costly excersize!

At MXstore we stock a range of aftermarket dirt bike radiator hoses and clamp kits, take the time to ensure your bike is fitted with all of the parts to make it run in perfect condition every time with products like the after market radiator hose kit which lowers running temperatures and improves performance.

Search through our listings to find the radiator hoses and clamps to fit your bike or contact our friendly customer servce team for more info.