Getting a new set of handlebars is exciting for all riders whether you enjoy offroad motocross tracks or the enduro scene. Even more exciting might be changing the look of your motorcycle to make it unique and exactly as you dream of. One of the first things you see when changing a set of handlebars is the fresh Bar Pad! Renthal offers a huge range of replacement Bar pads to fit your new Fatbars or twin-wall or 7/8" bars

If you have bought yourself a new set of 7/8" or twin-wall Renthal handlebars then you will need a crossbar pad that matches your bike and riding gear! Otherwise, if you have bought yourself a Renthal Fatbar you will be chasing a new square-shaped handlebar pad to match all of your favourite riders Australia and the United States. Handlebar pads are one of the first motorcycle parts a racer can see when they swing their leg over their bike. These parts are an easy OEM replacement within an affordable price range. So join the Renthal team and grab yourself a new set of bars or handlebar pad!