Whether you are an Enduro or offroad motocross racer, handguards are an additional part for your motorcycle that can protect your hands from roost and trees depending on your riding conditions. Handguards are one of the motorcycle parts that usually don't come as an OEM part and need to be added to your handlebars. Racetech offers a huge range of plastics that extend into MX handguards with an included mount kit and bolt kit to ensure you don't interfere with your throttle tube or hand controls. 

Racetech offers FLX and Vertigo handguards to choose between. The FLX range is primarily dirt bike handguards and is generally universal between many handlebars such as Renthal and Pro Taper. Whereas the Vertigo handguards are more of a bark buster type for your enduro riders who are going through tight sections around trees and bushes that could interfere with the rider and the controls on the handlebars. Both sets are offered in a range of colours to match your riding gear, very easy to install and are an affordable price range to ensure you don't fill the shopping cart too quickly!