Riders tend to have a certain bend of handlebar they prefer over others. This can be based on prior experience, their riding style or the riders physical build. Grabbing yourself a fresh set of Pro Taper dirt bike handlebars can be an exciting accessory to add to your machine. Generally, motocross handlebars come with a black bar pad to accommodate the new branding of the handlebars and indicate your fresh set is now in use. Pro Taper provides many separate handlebar pad options for tapered (fat bar) square bar pads and 7/8" round bar pads. Offering unique colourways in Race blue, race pink and some Hi-Viz options to make your bar pad the headline feature of the dirtbike!

All handlebar pads come with a unique cover design over the crossbar or alternatively the handlebar mounts. ProTaper 2.0 square bar pad offers enough clearance for easy steering stem access while also covering the bar mounts/risers effectively with the high-density foam construction. Square handlebar pads are specifically for a 28mm Tapered handlebar and cannot be used on a 22mm 7/8". Meaning a Pro Taper round bar pad is only for 7/8" crossbar usage.

Pro Taper offers a handful of products to match your handlebars and bar pads. Providing a range of Grip donuts, Pro Taper pillow top grips and offroad dirt bike tie-downs to complete the set! These parts are all a universal fitment and not bike specific. If you have a KTM, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha or Suzuki machine these products will fit!