Since 1991, Macna have been manufacturing premium motorcycle riding gear. They offer a diverse range of motorcycle apparel including motorcycle jackets, pants, motorcycle gloves and safety accessories that are designed to offer functionality, usability and safety. They have come a long way from their initial beginnings as they put it, "fiddling around with gloves". Nowadays the Macna jacket range offers a massive variety of diverse jackets; from high end off-road adventure jackets, mesh jackets and summer jackets to suit the hot conditions Australia offers, as well as street style camo hoodies and denim jackets. Macna jackets make use of many modern comfort and safety options, with kevlar material, air vents, mesh panels and raintex waterproof membrane are found on many of the jackets and pants in the Macna riding gear range. Several jackets feature Macna's Night Eye technology which helps improve a rider's visibility in low light situations and most jackets can be fitted with an additional back protector insert. The Macna motorcycle pants range follows a similar line of offerings, from high end technical adventure gear through to more subtle street offerings which offer a more casual appearance.  Having made their start in gloves 35 plus years ago, they certainly still offer a very capable range of gloves. They cater for a variety of riders out there, with performance driven racing gloves on offer, through to minimalist street style leather gloves. The range from Macna certainly cover all riding situations and all riders.