EVS body armour is used globally by some of the best motocross and enduro racers in the United States and throughout Europe. EVS offers the comp suit which houses a kidney belt for lower torso protection as well as mesh stretch panels that hold the plastic chest protector in place. These compression suits integrate an elbow guard as well as full roost protection front and rear. Upper-body protection can be bulky, however, EVS have found a way to use materials that offer an ultra-lightweight roost deflector while simultaneously offering a superior fit with the side zip design.

The EVS Sports compression belts and protective gear can be used for BMX and MTB applications as well as motocross and Enduro racing on the dirt bike. Offroad body armour applications are highly recommended for all motorbike adventures to ensure you have full torso body armour. EVS offers many options for protection which include neck braces, elbow pads, kidney belts, knee braces/knee guards, shoulder protection to accompany the chest protector and compression ballistic jersey.

Be sure to have the proper protection from EVS Sports every time you swing a leg over the Honda CRF250R or get behind the handlebars of an ATV machine!