When it comes time to work on your dirt bike, typically the things that take priority are the things that make your bike go faster. But one of the best areas to upgrade that can help with your overall times, is in fact the part of the bike designed to slow you down. Having dialed in brakes and assured stopping power is a massive asset no matter the type of riding that you are taking part in. Whether it's motocross, enduro or just general trail riding, having good quality parts in the places that help your motorcycle brake and keep in control are a no brainer. Other than brake pads and brake fluid, and ensuring that these are in good nick, the other focus of your brake performance should be in regards to your brake line. Whether you ride a Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki or KTM, replacing your OEM brake line with a braided brake hose will have your bike stopping better than brand new. Here at MXstore we stock a range of replacement brake lines, including Ballards Off Road front brake lines. These braided brake lines fit a wide variety of makes and models, easily replacing the clapped out hose that exists currently between the brake caliper and master cylinder. Featuring a stainless steel outer around the inner brake hose line, this ensures that there is no give in the line and a consistent and capable performance is maintained. 

As well as brake lines, we stock one of Australia's largest ranges of dirt bike parts and accessories. Whether you need repair kits, replacement brake discs, handlebars, brake levers or sprockets, we have a huge range in stock. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team for any advice or assistance.