Abus are a German manufacturer of high end motorcycle security products offering a range of disc locks, U-locks, cable locks and security accessories. Whether you are needing to lock up your Yamaha scooter or your Honda motorbike, the Abus motorcycle security range has what you need. From the Granit chain locks, Platinum padlock and cable combos, Abus steel ground anchors, Abus Trigger alarm disc locks and regular Abus Element brake disc locks, the Abus locks range check off the quality and assurance that is high up the wish list of most motorcycle owners. When you are unable to go as far as putting an alarm system onto the case to protect your bikes, Abus can certainly add a very capable impediment to any wanna-be bike thieves.

As well as Abus Security, here at MXstore we stock a large range of motorcycle locks and bike locks from a wide variety of suppliers. With a range of brand new items in stock from brands such as Kryptonite, Oxford, Grip-Lock and SXP, making sure your bike stays where you left it is sorted. Whatever option your price range affords you, the range of U-shackle locks, loop chains, grip locks and more can help impede anyone looking to make off with your pride and joy.