Founded in 1971, Kryptonite was founded with one main objective. “We are here to empower you to protect what you value” and to this day Kryptonite’s mission statement still stands. Through continuous innovation, development, increases in technology, and Kryptonite’s never-ending commitment to its mission statement, this company continues to deliver smart security solutions. All Kryptonite Disc Locks, cable locks, chain locks, padlocks, U-locks, helmet locks, disc brake locks and shackles are manufactured using high quality hardened steel to deter the chanced of possible theft. They are designed to be used in conjunction with either a Security Cable or a Kryptonite Security Chain for the ultimate security setup!

We stock a range of options for your anti-theft bike security. Kryptonite offers exceptional quality products to ensure you keep your motocross, ATV or enduro dirt bike safe while it awaits its next outing. Security chains, kryptonite stronghold ground anchors, security cables, steel shackles, and disc locks are the options available when browsing the range of products to keep your motorbike safe and secure from attempted theft. We highly recommend using a kryptonite lock and reminder cable as insurance to protect your bike especially when it is a new bike and ensure you are able to ride more!